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Upgrading the bathroom in your home will require having a Marietta, GA bathroom remodeler that you can trust and depend on. Luckily, Smart Bath is here for all your bathroom needs.

Those in the Cobb County, Georgia area may have always dreamed of having a relaxing, beautiful bathroom that fits their needs, yet they never thought it could happen. With Smart Bath, your dream can become reality.

Whether you want to replace the old cramped tub with a beautiful walk-in tub or perhaps you need a tub-to-shower conversion, we can handle it flawlessly.

Smart Bath: The Bathroom Remodeler That
Marietta, GA Homeowners Trust

A Bathroom With A Walk-In Tub

Walk-In Tubs

Walk-in tubs are great for those who want something easily accessible, allowing them to soak as if they had a traditional tub. Our walk-in tubs are made from the finest materials and are meant to last for years.

Bathroom With Tub Removed And New Shower Added

Tub-To-Shower Conversion

Our tub-to-shower conversions are one of our more popular options for homeowners. Most people are ready to let go of the outdated tubs in their homes for showers that are easier to maintain and more luxurious.

A Bathroom With A Modern Tub


Many homeowners want to keep a traditional tub in their bathroom but add one with a bit more modern flare. We offer bathtub remodels that can replace the outdated tub with something easier to clean and luxurious.

Bathroom With New Walk-In Shower

Walk-In Showers

Our walk-in showers can be customized to show your personality and fit your needs. Whether you want more accessibility options or your shower to be a luxurious escape, we can make it happen!

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Quality Products & Amazing Service

We Offer Only The Best And Treat
Our Customers Like Royalty

We believe in offering the best products and fantastic customer service, which is central to our business model. That includes supporting customers from start to finish in four ways:

#1: Quality Products

We only install quality products in our customers’ homes, as we believe it to be the best product on the market. It is easy to clean and super strong, so we know it will stay beautiful for years.

#2: Excellent Customer Service

From start to finish, you will have trained professionals that you can trust handling every part of your project. Customer service means delivering a beautiful product and having the know-how to install it properly.

#3: Wonderful Warranties

As long as you own your home, you are protected with our quality warranties that cover the product and workmanship. We take pride not only in our work but also in the quality of the product, and we are happy to offer such an outstanding warranty to our customers.

#4: We Listen To Our Customers

We listen to what you want when you call us with a bathroom remodeling need. We aren’t going to talk you into something else; we want to give you the bathroom of your dreams!

Hear From Our Past Satisfied Smart Bath Clients

They Love Their Bathroom Remodels!

Hearing from our happy customers lets us know we are doing our jobs right! Plus, we love hearing how a new tub or shower has made their life easier!

“The sales staff was knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous. The installers arrived on time. They were careful with my home and followed guidelines to safeguard our health. Our new shower looks great!”
Helen F.

“Did timely and quality work on replacing the bathtub with a walk-in shower.”
Rick J.

“Installers were very courteous when they came to my home. Sales reps were very polite and easy to work with. Very pleased with the whole process and my new walk-in tub.”
Margaret R.

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Commonly Asked Questions About Marietta, GA
athroom Remodeler: Smart Bath

Q: Why Choose Smart Bath?

A: We listen to what you want and deliver on it. Our products are durable and easy to clean, plus we give a fantastic warranty that covers you for as long as you own your home!

Q: What Do Your Bathroom Remodeler Services Cost?

A: We probably won’t be the highest quote you receive, nor will we be the lowest. However, we believe in delivering the most bang for your buck when we remodel your bathroom, so you know you are getting a great deal! We offer financing for low monthly payment options.

Q: How Long Does The Bathroom Remodeling Process Take?

A: The beauty of our tubs or showers is that they can often be installed in one to two days. That means no dust and construction for months on end to get the tub or shower of your dreams!

Q: What Areas Of Cobb County Do You Serve?

A: We serve the entire Cobb County area. Whether you are searching for walk-in tubs, walk-in showers, tub-to-shower-conversions, or a bathtub remodel, we can deliver on it!

Q: Where Can I Find More Info About Smart Bath?

A: Before hiring a bathroom remodeler, you want to ensure that you learn everything you can know about them. That is why we invite you to look at other information about us!

“The sales staff was knowledgable, friendly, and courteous. The installers arrived on time. They were careful with my home and followed guidelines to safeguard our health. Our new shower looks great!”

Helen F.
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“The sales staff was knowledgable, friendly, and courteous. The installers arrived on time. They were careful with my home and followed guidelines to safeguard our health. Our new shower looks great!”

Helen F.

“We were extremely pleased with the shower the installed. The installers were very professional, worked well together and were very polite, taking care not to damage anything while working. They cleaned up after the job was finished. I would highly recommend!”

Sue L.

“We recently had a walk-in bathtub installed.The installers were on time, their work was excellent, and they were considerate and easy to work with. They cleaned up VERY well, when finished. Overall, this was a pleasant experience.”

Pam E.
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