Why We Use High-Quality Products For Walk-In Showers

Low Threshold Walk-In Shower

Why We Are Dedicated To Quality Products
For Columbia, SC Walk-In Showers

Only The Best Will Do For A
Walk-In Shower Installation

When Columbia, SC walk-in showers are in your future, you only want the best in your home. After all, who wants to go through the process of having a shower installed only to find that you have problems within a few months of installation due to poor quality?

Every homeowner wants a beautiful walk-in shower that will last for years. They don’t want to worry that they will have to re-do it all again in two to three years.

For these reasons, we only use high-quality products for any walk-in shower upgrade in Richland County, South Carolina. It is our trusted go-to product that you can put your faith in!

A Quality Walk-In Shower With Smart Bath

Quality is a keyword that is often used when describing any type of product during a remodel. The difference with our walk-in showers is that our options have a reputation as being durable and made from the best materials on the market.

For Smart Bath, “quality” is not just a buzzword used to help encourage people to go with a walk-in shower.

Smart Bath offers a lifetime warranty on the product and the installation. That shows just how much trust we put into the product itself!

Accessibility With Our Walk-In Showers

When people think of a shower, they often think that it will still require a rather high step up to get in. However, with our quality products, that is not the case. That is why we are proud to offer these showers as an accessible solution that beats out the competition.

The threshold on these showers is much lower than people expect, making it easily accessible for those with mobility issues.

Rather than having to step up six or more inches, the low threshold is often half of what a typical walk-in shower may offer.

When you add the threshold with the various other accessible options available, we can combine these to help with any mobility issue a person may have.

A Walk-In Shower That Is Easily Maintained

Have you ever dealt with a tub or shower that requires intense chemicals and a scrub brush made from iron to get clean? Sadly, many people feel like this every few days when cleaning up their bathroom.

That’s why our showers are easy to maintain. They are made from materials that will prevent mold and mildew. Plus, they are easy to clean.

You won’t find yourself having to scrub on your hands and knees to get your walk-in shower looking amazing. They will wipe clean with a soft cloth; no scrubbing is needed.

Options To Make Your Walk-In Shower Unique

Smart Bath offers several different options that are meant to help you make your walk-in shower unique and fit your tastes. There are various colors, textures, and styles to choose from.

The idea that you have to go with a plain white walk-in shower is not your only option anymore. You can let your true personality shine through with the various options and styles!

When Should You Consider A Custom Walk-In Shower?

As you can see, high-quality products are not only what we are comfortable with installing, but they are the best we can offer our customers, hence why we are dedicated to these types of walk-in showers for our customers.

One of the most common questions is when they should consider a new walk-in shower for their home.

For many people, a walk-in shower is the best option when they are tired of dealing with a traditional shower and tub arrangement. They often want a shower that is easier to enter or clean.

In many situations, homeowners are ready to update their bathroom with something more modern, as their current tub or shower could have been in the home since it was built decades ago.

In these situations, a new walk-in shower is exactly what your bathroom needs to not only look amazing but also work better for you.

Ultimately, when you first think that a walk-in shower could be great for your bathroom, don’t dwell on the decision. Go ahead and jump into it! You will be happy that you do.

Free Quotes For Your Columbia, SC Walk-In Shower

For those in the Columbia, SC area who are ready to dive into a new walk-in shower for their home and only want the best, we are here for you. Smart Bath works with only the best products to ensure you get the best on the market that will be beautiful for years to come.

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