Tub To Shower Conversion Benefits

5 Health And Wellness Benefits When You Opt
For An Atlanta, GA Tub To Shower Conversion

Tub-To-Shower Remodeling May Be What
You Need To Be Healthier & Happy

Could something as easy as an Atlanta, GA tub-to-shower conversion make you healthier and happier? There are tons of people who swear by it, so yes, it could work for you!

Many people who have switched from their old tub to a new shower in Fulton County, Georgia often wonder why they waited so long to make the switch because they love their new shower so much!

But how does that make people happier and healthier? Let’s look at the five ways a tub-to-shower remodel could benefit your health and overall wellness.

Many people wonder how having a new shower will affect their overall health and wellness. After all, when most people think it is time to convert their old tub, they are more or less thinking about remodeling their bathroom to bring it up to style and the time period.

Most people aren’t thinking about how the change will affect and possibly benefit their lives. But how will it help you?

1. Tub-To Shower-Conversions Helps To Lower Stress

Once you have a new shower in place and the bathroom looks fantastic, your stress levels are lower. If you have been fretting about the looks of the bathroom, then a tub-to-shower conversion is definitely going to improve the looks.

However, other people find that when they upgrade to a new shower from their old tub, they feel less stress because the shower is easier to maintain than the old tub, especially if your old tub was made from a material that tended to stain and required constant cleaning.

2. Improved Sleep With Tub-To-Shower Remodeling

Yes, the right bathroom shower can help you sleep better after taking a nice, warm, and relaxing shower before bedtime. You will discover that you can add many options to your new shower that your old tub simply cannot compete with.

For example, a showerhead that also massages the tension out of your shoulders. With the addition of these options, you will find your stress and tension slipping away.

You will sleep better when you lie down at night with less stress and tension. When you have a more restful sleep, you will have higher energy levels throughout the day.

3. Tub To Shower Conversion Could Reduce
Pain And Inflammation In Muscles

Pain and inflammation in the muscles from overuse or arthritis are things that tons of people deal with every day. Having a shower that allows you to sit down or enjoy the massage showerhead is a way to reduce the pain and inflammation that you are feeling.

And with the reduction of the pain, you will sleep better and move easier.

4. Quick Bath To Shower Conversion
Helps With Mobility Issues

Those with mobility issues, whether they feel like their knees need a little TLC or have some hip pain, will find that a shower is the best route compared to a tub.

After all, a tub requires that you step into the tub, sit down, and then get out. It can be a lot of joints that are already experiencing some pain.

With a shower, you can simply walk in and enjoy your time relaxing. If mobility issues are a real concern, you can add bench seating to your shower so that you have somewhere to sit if needed.

5. Boost Your Mental Clarity With A
Tub-To-Shower Conversion

A new shower can help boost your mental clarity. But, how do you ask? When you relax, such as what happens after taking a nice hot shower, and then sleep well, your mental clarity is better.

However, there may be more to it than getting a restful night’s sleep and reducing your stress. Many people find that changing their old tub to a new walk-in shower makes them feel better because their bathroom becomes more tranquil.

After all, who can relax in a bathroom with an old tub that may require getting on your hands and knees and scrubbing to make it look decent? A new shower can help to build tranquility in the room, resulting in an improvement in your mental clarity.

Will A Tub-To-Shower Conversion Be Quick?

Waiting for a remodel to happen can set you back mentally and physically. That is the beauty of a tub-to-shower conversion, as it can be done quickly.

Smart Bath offers one-day installations for tub-to-shower remodels that will have you enjoying your new shower as soon as possible.

With a one-day installation and the benefits it could give you, why keep dealing with your old, outdated tub? It is time for a positive change!

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