This Nervous Homeowner Was Soon Singing Our Praises

Walk-In Showers By SmartBath In Atlanta

This Nervous Homeowner Was
Soon Singing Our Praises

We Made Her Choice Easy From The Start
And She Never Regretted The Decision

Finding a bath and shower remodeling contractor you can trust can be a real chore. You never know whether they have the experience and expertise they claim or if they’re an ethical company that’ll treat you with integrity.

Normally, you can only hope you choose the right contractor.

Our customer, Angie, was in just that predicament. She hoped to hire skilled professionals she could count on to install a walk-in shower, but she didn’t want to trust to chance.

She investigated – and accepted bids from – multiple contractors.

At first, none fit the bill. She eliminated many right off the bat: one displayed rude phone etiquette, another talked down to her, and a third simply gave her an unexplained bad feeling. The search seemed hopeless.

Eventually, she made appointments with a handful of possibilities. But she knew her search was over when she met the Smart Bath team.

“We had presentations and estimates from four companies. From the presentation and estimate to the installation, this was by far the superior product.”

We’re glad Angie finally found us. Maybe her online review will help future customers save time and energy by choosing us at the outset.

Our Word Is Our Bond

At her initial consultation, our representative Ben sat with Angie at her kitchen table and discussed her project carefully with her:

  • He provided a reasonable price estimate
  • He explained everything our price covered
  • He discussed all our patterns and color choices
  • He showed her photos of our completed projects
  • He gave her a range of project start and completion dates

During the consultation, Angie braced herself for the hard sell. Some of the other contractors’ representatives had pushed for her to sign with them immediately, but that just made her uncomfortable and leery.

Ben, on the other hand, used ZERO high-pressure sales tactics to close the deal. Instead, he simply laid out the facts for Angie, thanked her for listening to his pitch, and left. This gave her time and space to discuss the offer with her husband in privacy.

They liked our service and products, and Angie LOVED how we didn’t push for a sale.

But that’s just how we are. We’re so confident in the value of our service and products that we don’t allow high-pressure methods.

Once Angie signed the contract, Ben promised the team would arrive soon, work diligently, and complete the project promptly. Angie would receive her new walk-in shower in no time with little interruption to her household routine.

She was still a little skeptical, but that was soon replaced by trust.

They arrived when they said they would and finished on the second day.

We want every customer to trust us fully and to understand that our word is our bond. All are trained and, frankly, inclined to behave with integrity in every interaction.

Respectful. Presentable. Competent.

When Ben and his crew of professional shower installers arrived, Angie was pleased with their appearance, apparent skill level, and behavior toward her.

They were clean, professionally dressed, and well-kept. They treated her with respect and said, “Please,” “Thank you,” and “Ma’am.”

And they used protective coverings to prevent dings, dents, and scuffs on the home’s walls and floors.

Ben took extensive measurements of hallways, doorways, and fixtures during their first appointment to ensure the team could install Angie’s new walk-in shower without causing ANY damage or running into unexpected problems.

The sales rep and installers were courteous and professional.”

Since you are our reason for existence, we treat you with respect and your home as if it were our own. We dress for success and ensure that our equipment, vehicles, and products are spotless and in good working order.

Exquisite Results.

Ben and our installation team spent two days installing Angie’s walk-in shower. At first, she was alert for any signs of carelessness or inattention, but the team remained focused and steadfast in their work.

She saw no slacking off or fooling around – just steady work and attention to detail.

The team installed the shower swiftly and without issue. They also included safety features that make personal hygiene easier and less risky for Angie and her husband as they age. These features include:

The couple was overjoyed with the exquisite results. The fixtures and faucets gleamed, and the equipment worked perfectly. The installation team, of course, cleaned up after themselves before leaving.

It is now both safe and beautiful. We will definitely recommend this company to anyone considering transitioning to a walk-in shower.

Our goals, always, are for your home to look cleaner and more inviting than when we first arrived and for your bathroom to become a tranquil oasis.

If you’re in the Atlanta area and ready to have a walk-in shower or tub installed, contact us at Smart Bath for a free, no-pressure consultation and fast response.