Safer, Quality Walk-In Showers With 11Alive (Video)

atl&co on 11Alive highlighted bathroom safety this week. Speaking to Smart Bath’s Dave Duncan, the show discussed why safety should be a key consideration for any walk-in shower or bath.

Founded as a home modification and aging-in-place company, Smart Bath starts with safety. That’s why Smart Bath offers low-threshold entry showers with grab bars and fold down seats, Duncan said. The company also prioritizes quality products that come with a lifetime warranty, because you should only have to install your walk-in shower once.

For example, at Smart Bath, walls are made up of crushed stone, versus fiberglass, acrylic, and other materials that can crack over time. These walls also come in timeless designs that don’t go out of style.

To learn more about the materials your shower walls are made of and what safety considerations to consider, watch the full segment on 11Alive.