Safe And Stylish Bathrooms With Walk-In Tubs


Creating A Safe And Stylish Bathroom
With Walk-In Bathtubs In Atlanta, GA

Luxury And Peace Of Mind Rolled
Into One Walk-In Bathtub

Have you considered how to adapt your bathroom for the future and how a walk-in tub in your Atlanta, GA, home could bring both safety and style?

When aging in place, homeowners usually look to update parts of their homes to increase mobility and provide safety.

Your bathroom is no different.

Adding accessibility to your home doesn’t have to mean giving up style and luxury. Actually, it’s quite the opposite, and with the right bathroom remodeling contractor, your new walk-in tub can be both beautiful and functional.

That’s why we offer premium walk-in tubs that transform your bathroom and bring many features and benefits.

We’d like to share with you some ways you can have a walk-in tub installed while creating a safe and stylish space at the same time.

Safety With Walk-In Tubs

Safety is an essential concern for anyone with limited mobility. As you age, adding features to your home that lower your risk of injury will add value to your life.

Preventing Slips And Falls

A walk-in tub by itself is a fantastic addition to your bathroom. The ability to step into your bathtub easily erases a potential hazard.

Slipping and falling on the hard bathroom floor can cause serious injury. It’s the leading cause of injuries in the home, and reducing its potential brings not only peace of mind but more freedom within your house.

So, an ultra-low threshold for your walk-in bathtub is a must-have. Let’s also not forget about something as crucial as non-slip flooring to make moving around in your bathroom safer.

Inside The Tub Safety Features

The safety features you’re looking for aren’t just outside the tub but inside it as well.

Easy-to-reach faucets are sometimes forgotten, but they keep people from having to reach too far for them. Then, detachable shower wands will allow you added ease of use.

Ergonomic seating shouldn’t be forgotten, either. This type of seating ensures that you are sitting upright. Being well-positioned in your tub is essential not just for comfort but also for maneuvering. Ergonomic seating will also help alleviate pressure on the legs and feet.

Grab bars are another safety feature you can have with your walk-in tub. These are useful for those with limited mobility or who have difficulty standing independently.

All these features will assist in creating a safe bathroom with your walk-in tub.

The Style And Luxury Of Walk-In Bathtubs

With a walk-in tub, you don’t have to give up style or luxury in Fulton County, Georgia. You can have it all!

There are many different ways to increase the style of your bathroom. From where things are located to how your bathroom is decorated, you can enhance everything to give it the stylish look you desire.

As for adding luxury, your walk-in tub offers options that will upgrade your baths.

Have you heard of hydromassages? Hydro jets are stronger than air jets and provide deep tissue massages with nozzles placed explicitly around the tub to deliver an incredible full-body massage.

Air jets are also an option for a gentler sensation than hydro jets. With numerous jets around the tub, it’s wonderfully relaxing without as much force as hydro jets.

Another thing you might not know about when it comes to walk-in tubs is the available skin-cleaning system. With tiny bubbles that can enter the pores of your skin, this system allows someone to take a bath and clean their entire body without needing much mobility or assistance.

These are just some ways to add style and luxury to your bathroom with a walk-in bathtub.

If you’re looking for a walk-in bathtub to upgrade your bathroom in Atlanta, GA, get in touch with Smart Bath to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.