Ready To Update Your Walk-In Shower? Crushed Rock Is A Beautiful Option

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Customizing Your Walk-In Shower With
Crushed Stone In Atlanta, GA

Beautiful Materials That Bring
Your Walk-In Shower To Life

Designing the perfect walk-in shower in Atlanta, GA is much easier when you have a trusted and experienced bathtub and shower remodeling company to help. At Smart Bath, we specialize in helping our customers create beautiful and functional bathrooms.

We have a large selection of materials that can be used to elevate your bathroom shower and bring your ideas to life. Crushed stone is one of the many materials we work with.

It’s beautiful and versatile. It lasts for decades, making it a great investment. There are many ways that using crushed stone in your walk-in shower can take your bathroom to the next level.

Make Your Walk-In Shower More High-End

Crushed stone is a very durable and high-end product that can make your bathroom look more luxurious and attractive. You can choose from a variety of styles of crushed stone and match them with other parts of your bathroom to create the look you want.

Adding crushed stone also helps make your shower more durable, which can add value to your bathroom and entire home. It’s also appealing to many people, so if you plan to sell your home, you can consider it a selling point.

Make Your Walk-In Shower More Colorful

If you enjoy a bathroom or walk-in shower that is colorful and bright, crushed stone comes in many different colors, so you can use it to add something bold to your walk-in shower or choose a color that works well with other main colors in your bathroom.

You can also find many different accessories that you can match to the colors of your walk-in shower to really make it your own and create a space that is comfortable and relaxing.

Add Texture To Your Walk-In Shower

If you are looking for a way to give your shower a little character and create some texture, crushed stone is a good option.

Because of the different patterns and colors the stone creates, it gives the illusion of various textures and makes it more modern and stylish. It can also bring out the other features in your bathroom or shower so you can easily match it to other decor.

Reduce Walk-In Shower Maintenance

Crushed stone is easy to clean. It creates a smooth surface that can easily be wiped down. This also means there are fewer tiny areas for mold and dirt to hide and for bacteria to grow.

You can also use gentle cleaning products on crushed stone without worrying about harming it. In many cases, the shower stays clean thanks to the water and soap used by everyone who takes a shower.

It may need to be wiped down once a week and deep-cleaned once a month. Crushed stone is also very strong, so you don’t have to worry about it cracking or chipping and needing to be repaired frequently.

Make Your Walk-In Shower More Durable

Crushed stone is extremely durable, which means you can expect your new walk-in shower to last for decades. Crushed stone is a smart investment that pays for itself over time.

Since it’s so long-lasting, you won’t have to worry about replacing it for a very long time. It’s also not likely to break, chip, or scratch, so repairs aren’t necessary either.

Crushed stone also has a very versatile and modern look, so it adds value to your home. It also appeals to prospective buyers if you ever decide to sell your home.

Easily Customize Your Walk-In Shower

If you have a special design in mind for your walk-in shower, crushed stone can make it happen. You can easily add crushed stone to any type of walk-in shower you have planned.

It can be added to the walls or flooring and even added as accents around other parts of the bathroom, such as the sink or toilet, to help blend the entire bathroom together.

Trust Smart Bath With All Your Walk-In
Shower Needs In Atlanta, GA

If you are planning to remodel your bathroom or walk-in shower in Fulton County, Georgia, Smart Bath can help. We have beautiful material and design options, including crushed stone. We can help make your bathroom everything you want and need.

A bathroom should be a comfortable and relaxing place, and you can create the perfect space with the right company by your side. At Smart Bath, we listen to your ideas and work with you to build the bathroom of your dreams.

If you are ready to start your walk-in shower project, be sure to contact us to schedule your free estimate.