Ready To Update Your Bathroom In Atlanta, GA? Consider A Walk-In Shower

A shower with white walls and a matching white tub beside it.

The Benefits of Low-Threshold Walk-In
Showers In Atlanta, GA Homes

Make Your Bathroom More
Accessible And Modern

Your bathroom should be a place where you can relax and unwind. A low-threshold walk-in shower in Atlanta, GA installed by Smart Bath, could be just what you need.

At Smart Bath, we believe everyone deserves a beautiful and functional bathroom. We have a variety of design options that can help make your bathroom safer and more attractive. If you are considering a low-threshold walk-in shower, consider these benefits.

Walk-In Showers Offer A Modern Look

Many homeowners like the modern and sleek look that a low-threshold walk-in shower offers. They are easy to match with other parts of your bathroom so that you can blend your shower into your design seamlessly.

Low-threshold showers also pair well with many types of flooring and don’t require any special trims or doors to be installed. They are great for anyone who wants a minimalist aesthetic or an easy way to update their bathroom while also making it more accessible.

Walk-In Showers Add Improved Safety

One of the biggest reasons why homeowners choose low-threshold walk-in showers is that they are safe and easier to enter. Traditional showers and bathtubs usually have some sort of step or elevated area that requires you to step up and over it to get inside.

This can pose a risk to anyone with an injury or mobility issues, as the step is a tripping hazard when you get in and out of the shower. Our shower systems reduce the risk and make it easier to get in and out of your walk-in shower without the risk of a fall or injury.

Walk-In Showers Offer Easy Maintenance

Low-threshold showers have fewer nooks and crannies for soap scum and dirt to collect. That means you can easily clean your shower much faster. This design works with a variety of materials, so you can opt for a sleek surface that can be wiped down quickly without the use of harsh chemicals.

Walk-In Showers Have A Versatile Design

If you have a design in mind and need to incorporate a custom walk-in shower into it, it’s easier than you think. Because this design option is so versatile, it works with all types of looks. This type of shower can be installed in almost any size bathroom.

If your bathroom is small or oddly shaped, it can be hard to get some types of shower and tubs to fit. Our new neo-angle tub fits into small corners and we have other designs to fit the shape of your space. The versatility of a low-threshold walk-in shower means it can easily work with your bathroom design and your remodeling plan.

Walk-In Showers Create More Space

Since low-threshold walk-in showers are so versatile and work in all types of bathrooms, they can also be used to save space. If you want a large walk-in shower, low-threshold showers can still be used, but they can also be turned into a compact shower.

The low threshold also creates more room in your shower. Instead of worrying about bumping up against the side or step of the shower, you can move around freely.

Space that would be taken up by steps and sides opens up to make your shower look and feel much larger so you feel like you are getting more out of your bathroom and any limited space.

Walk-In Showers Provide Easy Access

Making a shower easier to access isn’t only an option for those with mobility issues. Low-threshold showers are for everyone.

If you have ever tripped while getting in your shower, hit your shin on the side of the tub, or are just tired of cleaning around the trim or grooves of a step or side, you might find a low-threshold walk-in shower a much more convenient option.

It can also come in handy for anyone who is elderly or has mobility issues. The ease of access adds to the safety and overall appeal of this shower design.

Smart Bath Can Install A Gorgeous Low-Threshold
Walk-In Shower In Your Atlanta, GA Home

If you are ready to update your bathroom and also make it safe and more convenient, a low-threshold walk-in shower is a great option. Smart Bath is happy to help with all your bathroom remodeling needs in Fulton County, Georgia.

There are many benefits and features of these showers that homeowners find appealing. They reduce the risk of injury and look great in any type of bathroom. They are also easy to maintain.

If you are considering a bathroom remodel, be sure to contact us for a free estimate.