Play It SAFE! Work With Smart Bath

Exceptional Shower Remodels By Smart Bath In Atlanta

Play It SAFE! Work With Smart Bath

Age In Place Risk-Free With
A Walk-in Bath Or Shower

As we age and our mobility decreases, we often find personal care more difficult. Showering becomes inconvenient – or even dangerous. With all the water and slick surfaces involved in a simple bath, you could slip, fall, and suffer a head or hip injury.

But you don’t have to risk that.

At Smart Bath, we specialize in bath and shower remodeling projects that help you live safely and independently in your current home. Our renovations improve accessibility and minimize accidents, and they even boost the resale value of your home.

As the population ages, more and more homebuyers are looking for safety features that make bathing and showering for seniors easier and less risky.

So, play it safe by reaching out to us for an exquisite shower remodel.

Make Your Life Easier A With Low-Threshold
Shower And Low-Maintenance Cleaning

Two-thirds of all bathroom injuries occur while people are in the bathtub or taking a shower. The most common result from slips or falls due to slippery, wet surfaces. These account for 78,000 injuries each year in the United States.

Because of this, many seniors and people with mobility difficulties put off their personal care or abandon bathing entirely.

Fortunately, you don’t have to become a statistic or be afraid of the shower. If you work with us, we’ll remodel your wet area so it’s safe, attractive, and more accessible. Stop worrying about slipping and instead age gracefully, with less risk.

Consider one or more of our ultra-safe bath or shower options.

The No-Squat, Walk-In Bathtub

Bathing can be a struggle for seniors and people with disabilities. The traditional tub requires one to step OVER its side, balance on a slippery surface, and then squat down on the tub floor. It can prove even more of a challenge (or impossible) for some folks to stand back up.

Our professional shower installers specialize in premium Swanstone walk-in tub systems that let you continue bathing comfortably and conveniently well into your second century.

The tub is a square vessel with a swinging door for easy access. The threshold below the doorway is only a matter of inches, and you can immediately sit down on a built-in bath bench.

When closed, the door is watertight, so you can fill the tub to the level you prefer. Many users find this a luxurious experience.

We have tailored the specifications of our walk-in bathtubs to the needs of older and disabled Americans, as well as those suffering from painful joints or mobility difficulties. Our goal from the beginning was to make life easier and richer for people who already struggle.

No Leg Lifts Needed

Many seniors find bathing a nightmare, but showering is often only slightly less troublesome. Traditional showers are located in bathtubs with a two-foot-high rim. This height can be a significant obstacle for seniors or those with disabilities, so we wanted to remedy that.

Our premium Swanstone walk-in showers come in many attractive colors and have little or no threshold, which makes entering the enclosure a breeze. There is no tub, just a showerhead, enclosure, and controls mounted at a convenient height.

No bending, squatting, or lifting your leg over the tub rim is necessary.

Safety Features To Save Your Bacon

We also offer a wide selection of additional safety features to make personal care easier and less risky. These include the following:

We’ve designed or selected each of these to keep your feet from slipping, give you something secure to hold onto when you lose your balance, and let you take a load off without leaving the shower.

Our aim is to keep you safe.

So, if you want to install a walk-in tub or shower that helps you stay clean safely, contact Smart Bath in Atlanta to request a free quote today.