Make Your Walk-In Shower More Luxurious In Atlanta, GA

A remodeled bathroom with a walk in shower.

Luxury Features To Consider For Your
Walk-In-Shower In Atlanta, GA

Elevate Your Bathroom With A
Gorgeous Walk-In Shower

Who wouldn’t love a bathroom packed with luxurious features? Smart Bath can make your luxury bath dreams a reality with our professional walk-in shower installation services in Atlanta, GA.

A walk-in shower allows you to make the most of your bathroom, and our design options make it possible for you to create a shower that is specifically tailored to meet your personal needs.

We can remodel your bathroom to ensure it fits your home and your lifestyle in a functional and comfortable way.

We can also help you pick out the best features for your bathroom to help make it more beautiful and luxurious. Let’s look at some options to consider.

Gorgeous Walk-In Shower Fixtures

You may not pay much attention to the fixtures in your bathroom, but if you are looking for a way to elevate your walk-in shower and make your bathroom more luxurious, the fixtures are a great place to start.

You can choose from different designs and finishes that match the decor or colors in your bathroom. Showerheads, faucets, knobs, drawer pulls, and handles can all be mixed and matched to create the desired look for your bathroom.

We have a large selection of options available to choose from, and if you have a hard time choosing between them, we are happy to help or make expert recommendations.

Spacious Walk-In Shower Storage Areas

One thing many customers mention when they are discussing the design of their bathroom is more storage space.

Plenty of space can make a bathroom feel more luxurious by providing convenient storage options and unique ways to hide everyday items that don’t necessarily add to the aesthetic you want in the bathroom.

We offer beautiful storage solutions that work with the shape and size of your bathroom and your interior design ideas. Not only will you have plenty of space for all of your necessities, but also a gorgeous way to keep it all organized.

Walk-In Shower Accessibility

Accessibility isn’t a luxury on its own; it’s a necessity. However, you can make your safety features stand out and look more luxurious with the right products. Features such as rails and grab bars don’t have to be plain and simple.

You can choose unique designs that match your fixtures or trim.

Non-slip flooring also comes in different patterns and textures, so you can find just the right floor that accents other parts of your bathroom and pulls everything together to create a professional and luxurious finish.

Walk-In Shower Seating

Walk-in showers make it easy to hop in and start a shower, but if you prefer to be seated in the shower or just find it to be more comfortable, there are some luxurious seating options to consider.

You can choose to have your seat built right into your shower with matching tiles or another finish to create a cohesive look.

You can also choose to use a removable seat, such as a bench or chair, that matches the shower, trim, or fixtures in your bathroom and looks great, whether it’s inside the shower or sitting in the bathroom between showers.

Walk-In Shower Door Designs

Something as simple as the door on your walk-in shower can be designed to make the bathroom more luxurious. In fact, the door could be the main focal point in your Fulton County, Georgia, bathroom if you decide to make it eye-catching.

There are different door trims, colors, patterns, and materials that can take your door to the next level and really bring out the colors and designs that are elsewhere in your bathroom.

Choose Smart Bath For All Your Walk-In
Shower Needs In Atlanta, GA

If you are looking for a way to make your bathroom more luxurious, a walk-in shower in Atlanta, GA, can do wonders. If you need an expert team to design and install your new shower, Smart Bath can help.

We can update your bathroom to make it more modern, functional, spacious, and comfortable. We listen to your wants and needs and do our best to provide you with a design that meets them both. We offer friendly customer service, beautiful products, and results that exceed customer expectations.

Contact us for a free estimate and to get started with your project.