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Walk-In Shower In Bathroom

5 Luxury Upgrades To Consider For Your
Columbia, SC Walk-In Shower

Get Your Dream Bathroom With A
Walk-In Shower Remodel

How many people have always dreamed of a walk-in shower in their Columbia, SC bathroom? If you have, what else do you dream about with this shower?

Chances are, you aren’t just thinking about a walk-in shower because it requires less stepping into. You have been envisioning a walk-in shower that is not only practical but also decadent.

Can a walk-in shower be luxurious and decadent? Yes, it can!

Many people in the Richland County, South Carolina area are discovering that a walk-in shower is more than “just” a shower. There are many upgrades they can opt for that will help to take it from standard and functional to a luxurious dream that helps complete the idea of having a spa-like bathroom.

So, what luxury upgrades should you be considering?

1. The Fixtures Of Your Walk-In Shower

When you think of a showerhead, the handles that you open the door with, the knobs that turn on the water, you may not give it much serious thought. However, these are something that you can make luxurious!

Rather than go with the standard silver, why not consider brushed nickel, black, or even copper looks to make your walk-in shower scream luxury?

Believe it or not, the right fixtures can help set the mood in the walk-in shower, thus helping to get the bathroom vibe you have always dreamed of having.

2. Your Walk-In Showers Shower Head

Are you tired of the standard shower head? Then why choose it for your new shower?

Instead, look at your options. What about a detachable shower head? Or one that has a rainfall feature on it?

These are all luxury upgrades that can help you personalize your new shower. Also consider asking about how your shower head is made as water drop size impacts temperature.

3. Shower Seating In Walk-In Showers

When people think about shower seats, luxury is often not a word that comes to mind. Shower seats may be considered the senior-friendly type of upgrade; however, they can also be luxurious.

Imagine a shower seat made from the same quality materials as your shower that you can sit on when the day is long and you just want to breathe in your shower’s steam. In these cases, you would be happy to have a shower seat.

Luckily, you can have these built into the shower so they are a part of the shower rather than looking out of place. And our folding options make seats convenient while saving space when not in use.

4. Custom Walk-In Showers By Color And Style

No one says you have to go with a typical white shower with a walk-in shower installed into your home (but you can if you want)! There are several color choices and even textures that you can opt to go with for your shower and its fixtures.

So, take your time and look at the options. What is screaming luxury to you? You could opt for a white shower floor with marble-style walls or a modern gray walk-in shower that stands out in your otherwise white bathroom.

A walk-in shower made with crushed stone could be your luxury shower!

Our customizable options allow you to make personal choices that fit in your home and our design team will walk you through suggestions if you want them.

5. Grip Bars Or Handles For Your Walk-In Shower

These are often for safety and convenience but can also be a luxury feature. After all, anything can be considered a luxury when it is not found with a typical shower. And our walk-in showers are not your typical showers!

Remember, these bars or handles are essential when opting for a walk-in shower for those with mobility issues or anyone looking for a safer shower experience. However, given the high-quality materials used with these bars, they will not bring down the luxury factor of your shower.

Create A Luxury Mood In Your Columbia, SC Bathroom

After your walk-in shower has been installed with the upgrades you have chosen, consider the mood in the bathroom to get to the full level of luxury you may be aiming for. A walk-in shower is only part of the bathroom, so you want to ensure the rest matches.

This may mean redecorating slightly with more calming colors on the walls, less clutter throughout the bathroom, and even adding in some greenery that many people swear by, as it gives a spa-like feeling of luxury to a bathroom. We also offer shower shelving to keep any clutter organized.

A great idea is to have an essential oil diffuser in the bathroom that you can use to help calm yourself at the end of the day. While a diffuser may not be defined as luxury because it is a fundamental tool, it can add to the feeling of luxury in the bathroom.

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