How Can A Walk-In Shower Increase Home Value?

A home in Columbia, SC with a newly remodeled walk-in show from Smart Bath

How A Walk-In Shower Can Add Value
To Your Family’s Columbia, SC Home

Smart Bath Can Make Your Bath
More Accessible And Quickly!

Some homeowners would like to pursue turning their existing bathtub or shower into a walk-in shower but aren’t sure what it does to their home’s value. We can tell you with confidence that a walk-in shower in your Columbia, SC home will increase your home value.

We’ll explain why people want walk-in showers and how remodeling your home to include one can make your home easier to sell – and potentially for more money!

Prospective Homeowners Want More Than
One Bath And Walk-In Showers Provide

Today’s home buyers expect a bit more. So, having a high-quality walk-in shower in your Columbia, SC home gives you an advantage!

Homeowners tend to thoroughly consider how they are going to use a home for their family. Having an additional bathroom with good amenities can help a lot! The bathrooms we help design often include a seat where you can relax and enjoy the hot water for a while and maybe get a little steam! Storage options are also available, which sets ours apart from the average one-size-fits-all walk-in shower.

Our accessible walk-in shows are designed with everyone in mind. This raises the value of your home because a new homeowner could have kids or older adults who enjoy accessible amenities.

While we enjoy thinking through how your bathroom and walk-in shower will work for you and your family, we’ll let you decide what works best for you.

Also, you might not know yet, but yes, you can convert a regular bathtub into a walk-in shower. The next question is, how nice can we make it?

Our Custom Walk-In Showers Are High Quality

You might have relatively low expectations for the quality of your bathroom or shower – or you might like an ornate, beautiful shower that looks as good as it is comfortable.

We can make your walk-in shower luxurious with more storage and beautiful hardware. If your home overall has a more luxurious feel with higher-end furnishings in your common areas or a recent search for homes for sale in your neighborhood shows that their bathrooms are seriously upgraded, you might want to as well.

No matter which style you go with, we’ll be happy to walk you through recent trends in walk-in showers so you can pick out the hardware and furnishings you’d love to use. That’s one of the fun parts of a walk-in shower remodel!

Walk-In Showers Are Senior-Friendly Shower Systems

Accessible shower solutions are a major selling point, both for prospective home buyers and for homeowners who want to age in place. Walk-in showers are fantastic for seniors! Walk-in showers are more accessible in many ways. Starting with lowering the access point for the tub or shower, they are easier to get into without having to take a big step.

You’ll also find that a walk-in shower is easier to clean. The non-porous surfaces we install require less cleaning, so people won’t find themselves bending over to disinfect the shower as often.

Any part of the home that is easier to clean will sound great to prospective homebuyers and increase the value of your home in their eyes!

How Much Impact Does A Walk-In
Shower Have On Home Value?

The answer, of course, depends! A walk-in shower will have a bigger impact on your home value than other potential home upgrades that are more opinion-based and subjective in style, like a kitchen remodel.

You can expect a better return on your investment in your home with a walk-in shower remodel!

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