5 Ways Our Bathroom Remodels Respect Your Home

A walk-in bathtub near a window overlooking the ocean.

5 Ways Our Bathroom Remodeling Process
Treats Your Home Like It’s Our Own

From Protecting Your Floors To Listening To
Your Needs, We’re Trained In Respect

We’ve all heard the bathroom installation horror stories floating around Atlanta, Charlotte, and Columbia. A flood of disheveled workers stomps through your house, scattering debris from your front door to your bathroom and covering your personal space with a layer of filth.

And worst yet, they don’t even bother to clean it up after they’ve finished your installation. Instead, you’re left with a bad taste in your mouth and a big clean-up on your hands.

It’s violating.

It’s rude.

And it’s disrespectful.

At Smart Bath, we understand that your home is an extension of YOU, so we go above and beyond to treat your space and bathroom with the utmost respect. From our preventative measures to follow-up surveys, here are five ways we treat your home like ours.

1. Our Comprehensive Design & Inspection Analysis

Okay. The word “analysis” might sound super technical and overly complicated. But the truth is, walk-in shower and bath installations often ARE super technical and deserve to be treated as such.

And to do your installation right, we need to know we can do it WITHOUT damaging your home and preexisting space – something many other bathroom contractors fail to consider. But without the right attention, delivering and installing oversized products can damage your door frames, walls, and other structural properties.

Our pre-installation Design & Inspection Analysis ensures we take the exact measurements needed so your new walk-in shower or tub gets delivered to your bathroom intact WITHOUT damaging your walls to do so.

2. Floor Coverings

Have you ever had disrespectful home remodeling workers drag equipment over your bare floors or track mud through your living room? If you have, you know how infuriating and rude it can be. It not only leaves a clean-up project for you but can leave permanent scuffs on your floor.

At Smart Bath, we protect your floors with proper coverings to ensure whatever we track from the outside stays off your floors. And our floor coverings ensure our equipment or product deliveries never scuff your floor.

3. Thorough Post-Installation Clean-Up

A post-installation clean-up might sound like a given after a remodeling project. But unfortunately, many other bathroom remodelers are in and out faster than you can count to ten, leaving a field of dust and debris in their wake.

At Smart Bath, your walk-in shower and bath installation isn’t over until we’ve cleaned up every last bit of debris. And in most cases, this means we leave your wet space cleaner than we found it.

The only thing you’ll be left with is a sparkling new walk-in bathtub or shower you can’t wait to get into!

4. Follow-Up Surveys

Yes, we ensure we can complete your project without damaging your home. Yes, we protect your home with protective measures before we start. And yes, we clean up after we’ve installed your new product.

But we also give you a follow-up survey when your project is finished to ensure we met your expectations…and hopefully exceeded them. Our follow-up surveys ensure you’ve felt respected during our process and help us improve our performance for the next customer.

5. Installers Trained In Respect

Here’s what you’ll likely find at other bathroom remodeling companies – day laborer installers just looking to make a quick buck. But hiring day laborers leaves you and your home vulnerable to a number of unpredictable situations – rude behavior, disrespectful attitudes, and general apathy towards your home.

At Smart Bath, we not only professionally train our installation team in technical workmanship, but we also train them in respectful behavior. We understand the privilege you’ve given us by allowing us into your home. And to show our appreciation for your trust, we carry ourselves with total professionalism throughout.

We listen to your needs, address your concerns, and keep you informed throughout your whole project. In other words, we show you the complete respect you deserve.

An Atlanta, Charlotte, And Columbia Bathroom
Remodeler That Respects You AND Your Home

Unfortunately, it’s rare in the Atlanta, Charlotte, and Columbia bathroom remodeling world to find a contractor that shows you respect in any way, let alone in all five of the areas we’ve discussed.
But at Smart Bath, our definition of respect extends to all areas of your walk-in bath and shower remodeling process. So, when you’re ready to work with a respectful, professional contractor, Smart Bath is here for your bathroom remodeling needs. Call us today to schedule your free consultation!