4 Ways To Make Your Shower Safer

4 Ways To Make Your Shower Safer

If you are an older adult or have those who are elderly or may have limited mobility living in your home, safety in the bathroom is likely something you think about often. Luckily, there are a number of ways that you can make your shower safer and improve accessibility and comfort in the bathroom for everyone in your household.

Non-Slip Flooring

Adding non-slip flooring to your shower is a great way to reduce the likelihood of accidents in the shower. Not to mention, many non-slip flooring options come in a variety of styles and colors to choose from.

Grab Bars

Grab bars are another safety-focused upgrade you can add to your shower to make sure everyone feels safe and secure while showering.

Detachable Faucets

Adding a detachable faucet to your shower is a great option for those who may have limited mobility. This can also make your home more attractive to potential buyers in the future.

Shower Seating

Adding seating to a shower is a popular way to enhance safety and accessibility in the bathroom. Shower seating comes in a plethora of sizes and configurations so you can be certain you’ll find the perfect option for your unique situation.


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