3 ESSENTIAL Qualities Your Bathroom Remodeler Must Have

Bathroom contractor looks over blueprint of new remodel

3 ESSENTIAL Things To Look For When
Hiring Your Bathroom Remodeler

How To Properly Vet Your Bathroom Remodeling
Contractor To Get The Results You Want

If you’ve ever researched bathroom remodelers in Georgia, North Carolina, or South Carolina (and we’re guessing you have), you know there are hundreds of contractors to choose from…HUNDREDS.

Some offer great craftsmanship, some sell promising products, and some offer “the best” customer service – so how are you possibly supposed to find the right fit for your needs?

Well, different projects and different people have different priorities when it comes to their bathroom remodel. But regardless of the size or scope of your project, everyone deserves to work with a contractor who delivers the products, workmanship, and service you want for total satisfaction.

So, we’ve compiled a list of the three things we deem ESSENTIAL when looking for potential bathroom remodeling contractors.

#1. Is Your Contractor Trustworthy?

There’s no way around it – bathroom remodeling is an invasive undertaking. It requires strangers coming into your home, ripping out the shower or bath products you’ve grown accustomed to, and replacing them with new, unfamiliar ones.

In other words…it can be a scary, uncomfortable process with the wrong contractor. So, when your home project requires as much vulnerability as a bathroom remodel, you better be sure your contractor is trustworthy.

At Smart Bath, we establish trustworthiness early in your remodeling process…and often. How so?

We listen to your needs.

We stay in constant communication throughout.

We do not leave until you’re completely satisfied.

And if you still need more proof, you can check our A+ BBB rating, hear from our previous satisfied customers, or research our owner’s 25 years of home remodeling experience.

#2. Is Your Contractor Communicative?

As you may well know, most bathroom remodeling contractors are not known for their communication skills. But your project and peace of mind are severely jeopardized when your contractor is unresponsive, radio silent, or dodgy in answering your questions.

A great contractor will answer your shower or bath product questions, pick up the phone when you call, and keep you in the loop every step of the way. An EVEN BETTER contractor will give you all the information you need before you even have the question.

At Smart Bath, our team sets you up for success before your project starts by ensuring we’re the right company for what you need, offering appropriate products, and informing you of how long your accurate quote is good for.

Plus, our install team will walk you through your new wet area post-install to ensure you know how your new products operate and ensure we’ve left your bathroom sparkling clean.

#3. Does Your Contractor Offer Outstanding Warranties?

Excellent warranties are a MUST when it comes to walk-in shower or bath products. But bathroom remodeling labor warranties are just as important. Without them, you can be left with an unusable shower or tub or, even worse, lasting underlying damage.

We don’t mean to scare you, but the harsh reality is that many bathroom remodeling contractors DO NOT back up their work and use flimsy, unreliable products. Ensuring your contractor offers industry-leading warranties for both products AND labor is essential.

We offer only the most dependable walk-in shower and bath products from reliable manufacturers, partly because of their accompanying lifetime warranties. Plus, our labor warranty ensures our craftsmanship for LIFE and sets up your new product for long-lasting success.

An Atlanta, Charlotte, And Columbia Bathroom
Remodeler That Embodies The Essentials

Now that you know exactly what to look for in a superior bathroom remodeling contractor, you can rest easy knowing you’ve come to the right place. At Smart Bath, we embody the three qualities we deem essential in an excellent walk-in shower or tub remodel.

From our reputable customer trust and clear communication to our superior lifetime warranties, we deliver the quality, personalized bathroom results you deserve.

When you’re ready to work with a trustworthy and communicative contractor, Smart Bath is here for your bathroom remodeling needs. Call us today to schedule your free consultation!